jamalaJamala is from the Middle East. She came to the shelter with her two school-aged sons after her husband broke her arm. It was not the first incidence of abuse, it proved to be the one that made her leave for good. Among the issues confronting Jamala was the fact that both of her children treated her disrespectfully. In addition to individual counseling and attending the shelter’s weekly support groups, Jamala needed help with parenting skills. She had been unable to deal with her son’s verbal abuse. She explained they were parroting what they heard from their father. The advocate believed that not only did Jamala need help, but her sons needed counseling as well. A child psychologist was brought in to work with the children. In the meantime, Jamala was referred to community resources for financial assistance and emergency Medicaid. Within two months of arriving at the shelter, Jamala found a job as a cashier in a local food market and began to save money so that she could move out of the shelter and into her own apartment. At the end of four months, the shelter helped Jamala find an affordable apartment in the same school district her sons were attending. IWH paid for the first month’s rent and utility hook-ups, and also helped furnish the apartment with small household appliances, linens, towels, and cleaning supplies. While the children stayed in therapy and continued to show improvements in how they treated their mother.