Get Informed

You can help end violence by sharing information and advocate for change in your community.


Women in Atlanta Trafficked Every Month


Abused by an Intimate Partner Every Year


Of Women Raped in their Lifetime

Know the facts, so you can join our fight.

You can help fight domestic violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking in your community, by spreading awareness and advocating for change.


How can you help a friend?

Keep in mind that abusive relationship are complicated and victims may have many reasons they hide the abuse or seem hesitant to leave. Have compassion and show support. Offer to pick your friend up and accompany them to a meeting with a victims advocate.

You may call our hotline and ask to speak with an advocate to receive more information. (770) 413-5557

Someone you know could be at risk!

If you answer YES to four or more of the questions below, you may be at risk.

24/7 Crisis Hotline (770) 413-5557

1. Do you often feel powerless and unable to control your life?
2. When something good happens, do you feel as if you don’t deserve it?
3. Do you tend to blame yourself for things that go wrong?
4. Do you usually feel that you don’t have the right to say “no” when someone wants something from you?
5. Are you the child or relative of someone who has been abused?
6. If someone apologizes to you for hurtful behavior, do you easily forgive the person?
7. Is it difficult for you to share your true feelings with someone else?
8. Do you think your happiness depends on having a boyfriend/girlfriend?
9. Do you allow yourself to accept abuse from others?
10. If you felt you were a potential victim in a relationship, would you try to stick it out?

If you are experiencing domestic violence or think that you could be at risk, please know our team is here for you. Call our 24/7 hotline now for advice and support.

Community Resources

The following organizations work hand-in-hand with IWH to support survivors and their families. Please reach out to them for additional support.

Caminar Latino

(404) 413-6348
Direct services for Latino families affected by domestic violence.


(404) 377-0701
Providing direct services for survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence.

Ahimsa House

(404) 496-4038
Providing assistance to victims of domestic violence with pets who need temporary shelter for their pets.

Atlanta Legal Aid Society

(404) 377-0701
Referrals and legal representation to victims of domestic violence.